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Dig into The Warren Group's comprehensive real estate database with
Foreclosure Stats.

Identify trends, and generate statistical reports, charts and graphs for your market area. Foreclosure Stats allows you to create and view statistics for petitions to foreclose (lis pendens in CT), scheduled foreclosure auctions, foreclosure deeds, and the ratio of foreclosure petitions to sales. Select state, county or town level. Foreclosure Stats covers Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, going back to 2007.

With Foreclosure Stats, you can view:

  • Over 3 years of pre-foreclosure and foreclosure statistics
  • Statistics for all property types, single family, or condominiums
  • Color charts displaying market trends
  • Percent changes from one year to the next
  • Population, housing units, median ages, and other demographics
  • Narrative descriptions of towns
There are two ways to get to Foreclosure Stats from Warren Group Foreclosures:
  1. Click on the Foreclosure Stats link on the Warren Group Foreclosures home page (login require)

Click here to go to Foreclosure Stats now (login required).

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