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About Warren Group Foreclosures

Warren Group Foreclosures is New England's most comprehensive foreclosure search site. With a membership to Warren Group Foreclosures, you have unlimited access to our vast distressed property database! You don't have to limit your search to one particular county, and our database includes REO properties as well as pre-foreclosures! You'll get a complete picture of each distressed property with sales and mortgage history, assessment information, maps, and more.

Search for distressed properties in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Distressed properties are properties in any stage of the foreclosure process, and our database includes them when: there has been a petition to foreclose filed against the property (Massachusetts), there has been a lis pendens for foreclosure filed, a foreclosure auction has been announced, or the property has been foreclosed upon and is currently lender owned (REO).

All foreclosure records in the Warren Group Foreclosures database include detailed property and assessment information as well as sales and mortgage history. You can quickly and easily view foreclosure properties on a Bing Map, allowing you to see the property and surrounding areas in aerial and Bird's Eye view.

Our Foreclosure Stats tool allows you to identify trends, and generate statistical reports, charts and graphs for your market area. Foreclosure Stats allows you to create and view statistics for petitions to foreclose, lis pendens, scheduled foreclosure auctions, foreclosure deeds, and the ratio of foreclosure petitions to sales for any town, county, or state in our coverage area.

Want to know what that distressed property is worth? Our Automated Value Model will provide you with an up-to-date value estimate for most residential properties in the Warren Group Foreclosures database.

    Foreclosure Auction
    The public sale of mortgaged property. It usually indicates a default in the repayment of a mortgage loan. Such a sale may result from a decree of a court, or from the lender's power of sale as contained in the mortgage; the proceeds from the sale are used to satisfy the debt owed to the mortgagee (the lending institution) by the mortgagor (the borrower). Prior to the sale, public notice stating the time and place of the sale must be published where the property is located.

    Petition to Foreclose
    Petitions to Foreclose are the first step in the foreclosure process in Massachusetts. The filing of this document is the first indication that the property is in distress. The petition to foreclose process serves to notify interested parties through the publication of legal notices in local newspapers that the lender has asked for authority to foreclose the mortgage it holds on the property. Only parties who are protected under the Service members Civil Relief Act of 2003, formerly the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act of 1940, may register objections to the proceedings. If the Land Court receives no objections, it will rule that the lender may proceed with the foreclosure processes described in the original mortgage deed.

    Lis Penden
    This status indicates a pending legal action against the property owner. It is NOT a guarantee of pre-foreclosure activity. However, lis pendens fileds between a property owner and a mortgage lender most often are the first step in the foreclosure process for properties in Connecticut.

    Sheriff Sales
    Sheriff Sales are abstracted from legal notices published in newspapers throughout the state. These give notice of public auction of real property in cases where the court has ordered the sale to satisfy a judgment in a lawsuit. The sale may occur at the property or in the office of the sheriff.

    REO Properties
    REO stands for Real Estate Owned. This is the term most often used to refer to properties that have been foreclosed upon and are currently owned by the lender. An REO is a property that has been acquired by a lender via a foreclosure deed.

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